Hospital Testimonials

Founded in the San Francisco Bay Area, Little Wishes™ now serves 26 hospitals in 15 states from Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford to Boston Children’s Hospital.

Below are some of the hospitals we serve and their testimonials about the impact of Little Wishes™.

Boston Children's Hospital

“We are thrilled to be working alongside such a compassionate organization. The moments of joy brought to our patients by Little Wishes is truly a highlight of the work that we do for Boston Children’s. As we continue to see more complex cases with lengthier hospital stays, Little Wishes gives patients and families something to look forward to. We have found that it’s the little things that really keep our critical patients staying positive during times of stress and uncertainty, and we continue to hear how thankful families are for the opportunity to receive a little wish.”

Courtney McCurdy, Boston Children’s Hospital

Children's Hospital at Erlanger

“We are so thankful for Little Wishes! It is a valuable tool for normalization and motivation of a hospitalized child. We are so lucky and honored to be a part of the Little Wishes Family!”

Ashley and Nicole, Little Wishes™ Coordinators

Lucile Packard Children's Hospital, Stanford

“A wish: An expression of hopes and desires. Little Wishes allows us to make our patients’ littlest (but, sometimes, big scale—giant stuffed dragons and 2000pc Lego sets) hopes and desires tangible. Since beginning Little Wishes in 2017, we have granted over 200 wishes to cardiac patients at LPCHS. There are insufficient words to describe the anticipation and excitement of our patients and families as they wait for and receive their Little Wishes. From birthdays to graduations and more—our patients often describe Little Wishes as one of the “best” things about their hospital stay. Hence, we were so grateful to expand Little Wishes to our oncology child life services this year—a special moment as our first oncology wish was delivered with the help of one of Little Wishes’ first recipients, nurse Sarah Sisk. Thank you, Little Wishes, for bringing a piece of normalcy and many joyous moments to our patients at LPCHS!”

Alyssa Pettingill, MS, CCLS (Oncology) and Jeanie Liang, MA, CCLS (Cardiology)

Ranken Jordan Pediatric Bridge Hospital

“Little Wishes has provided so much joy to the patients, families, and staff of Ranken Jordan.  Rehabilitation from injury and illness often results in long hospitalizations coupled with intensive therapies, Little Wishes gives these patients something to look forward to.  These wishes are additionally beneficial in normalizing the hospital environment, providing comfort, and adding novelty to their hospital experience!” 

Megan, Little Wishes™ Coordinator and Child Life Specialist

Hospitalized for over four years, Courtney was the first Little Wishes Recipient at Ranken Jordan!

Renown Children's Hospital

“Little Wishes has benefited our patients beyond what words could ever describe. A hospital is a scary place and generally is seen as a negative experience in our patients and families lives. It is my job as a Child Life Specialist to try and help these pediatric patients and their families have as positive of an experience in a hospital setting as possible. Little Wishes has helped enhance this mission entirely. Sometimes there are kiddos who haven’t smiled ONCE since they have been here, and then they do a complete 180 when their wish is granted. This is nothing short of a miracle! We are so thankful for this program.”
Ashley, Little Wishes™ Coordinator and child life specialist.

TMC for Children at Tucson Medical Center

“Little Wishes brings our pediatric patients so much joy during their hospital stay. I love seeing their faces light up when our team walks in with their wishes! I have had long term patients that count down the day till their next wish day. Little Wishes is loved by our whole medical team. Nurses are constantly asking if their patient qualifies for a wish yet because they know how beneficial this program is!”

Jordan Richardson, Little Wishes™ Coordinator and Child Life Specialist


UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital

“We are so fortunate to have Little Wishes at our hospital.  Being able to grant a wish for our patients brings so much encouragement and joy to their already difficult lives.  I have witnessed first-hand how a child can go from scared and angry to feeling excited and grateful when we offer them a little wish.  One seven-year-old  girl used to dread her long journey to the hospital for pokes and chemotherapy, but once introduced to Little Wishes, she couldn’t wait to arrive and receive her little wish!  Little Wishes has both united our staff and empowered our patients to battle their medical condition in a positive and fun way.”

Eve Alley, Little Wishes™ Coordinator and Child Life Specialist

University of Maryland Children's Hospital

“Little Wishes is truly an all-encompassing organization. They not only bring the biggest smiles and excitement to patients and families, but everyone is able to be a part of it. The entire medical team can celebrate the joy and see what something so simple can do for a child and get excited with them. It’s truly amazing what this program does!”

Kayleigh Koehler, Little Wishes™ Coordinator and Child Life Specialist

WVU Medicine Children's

“Little Wishes brings joy, hope, and excitement to not only our patients, but to our entire staff! When a child is able to wish for something, it gives them a sense of control… something that is often overlooked in a hospital setting. Little Wishes allows our patients to take their mind off of being sick and focus on something positive. As caregivers, we are beyond thankful for this program and the joy and excitement it brings on a daily basis!”

Jillian Noha, Little Wishes™ Coordinator and Child Life Specialist